A Nevada licensee who has entered into a brokerage agreement to represent a client in a real estate
transaction shall:

  1. Exercise reasonable skill and care to carry out the terms of the brokerage agreement and the licensee’s duties in the brokerage agreement;
  2. Not disclose, except to the licensee’s broker, confidential information relating to a client for 1 year after the revocation or termination of the brokerage agreement, unless licensee is required to do so by court order or the client gives written permission;
  3. Seek a sale, purchase, option, rental or lease of real property at the price and terms stated in the brokerage agreement or at a price acceptable to the client;
  4. Present all offers made to or by the client as soon as practicable, unless the client chooses to waive the duty of the licensee to present all offers and signs a waiver of the duty on a form prescribed by the Division;
  5. Disclose to the client material facts of which the licensee has knowledge concerning the real estate
  6. Advise the client to obtain advice from an expert relating to matters which are beyond the expertise of
    the licensee; and
  7. Account to the client for all money and property the licensee receives in which the client may have an
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