The content of the disclosure is based on what the seller is aware of at the time. If, after completion of the
disclosure form, the seller discovers a new defect or notices that a previously disclosed condition has worsened, the seller must inform the purchaser, in writing, as soon as practicable after discovery of the
condition, or before conveyance of the property. The buyer may not waive, and the seller may not require
a buyer to waive, any of the requirements of the disclosure as a condition of sale or for any other purpose.
In a sale or intended sale by foreclosure, the trustee and the beneficiary of the deed of trust shall provide, not later than the conveyance of the property to, or upon request from, the buyer:

  • written notice of any defects of which the trustee or beneficiary is aware; and
  • the contact information of any asset management company who provided asset management services, if any defects are repaired or replaced or attempted to be repaired or replaced. The asset management company shall provide a service report to the purchaser upon request.

If a Seller requests a Buyer to waive his rights or legal remedies under NRS 113.150 or otherwise, the Buyer should contact an attorney for advice regarding the legal consequences. A real estate licensee cannot explain the legal consequences of waiving a Buyer’s legal rights or remedies.

EFFECTIVE JULY, 2017 the form includes the following 2 additional disclosures

  • whether solar panels are installed on the subject property. If yes, then disclose whether the solar panels are leased, owned or financed.
  • whether the property is a participant in any conservation easement such as the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s Water Smart Landscape Program. Seller shall inform the buyer about conservation easements or the potential for other types of conservation easements as required by the statutory language below:

Conservation Easements: The subject property ___ is OR ___ is not subject to a Restrictive Covenant and Conservation Easement established by Nevada Revised Statute 111.390-440 such as the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s Water Smart Landscape Program.

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