The purpose of the Open Range Disclosure is to inform the prospective buyer of a home or an improved or
unimproved lot adjacent to open range that livestock are permitted to graze or roam on the property. Open
range means all unenclosed land outside of cities and towns upon which cattle, sheep or other domestic
animals by custom, license, lease or permit are grazed or permitted to roam. It also serves to inform the
prospective buyer that the parcel may be subject to county or State claims of right-of-way, (commonly
referred to as R.S. 2477 rights-of-way) including rights-of-way that may be unrecorded, undocumented or
unsurveyed; and used by miners, ranchers, hunters or others, for access or recreational use, in a manner
which interferes with the use and enjoyment of the parcel.

Categories: Residential Disclosure Guide, Open Range