Depending upon the transaction, the following disclosures may also be required from a buyer, seller or licensee:


Buyers should investigate the impact of airport flight paths and the noise levels at different times of the day over that property.


The purpose of the building and zoning disclosure is to inform the buyer of transportation beltways and/or planned or anticipated land use within proximity of the subject property of which the seller has knowledge. For more information on building and zoning codes, contact your local jurisdiction.


Although the seller is required to disclose the presence of environmental hazards, a statement that the seller is not aware of a defect or hazard does not mean that it does not exist. It is the buyer’s responsibility to be informed and take additional steps to further investigate. Some potential hazards that may be found in Nevada include:

  • Radon (
  • Floods (
  • Methamphetamine Labs (NRS 40.770 & 489.776)
  • Wood-Burning Devices (
  • Underground Storage Tanks (
  • Septic Systems (
  • Wells (
  • Land and Cleanup (
  • Groundwater (
  • Public Pools & Spas (
  • Molds and Moisture (

For more information on environmental hazards, visit:


Initial Purchaser in New Construction Only
If there is a gaming district near the property, the seller must disclose information which includes a copy of the most recent gaming enterprise district map, the location of the nearest gaming enterprise district, and notice that the map is subject to change. This disclosure is required for Nevada counties with population over 400,000. The information must be provided at least 24 hours before the seller signs the sales agreement. The buyer may waive the 24-hour period. The seller must retain a copy of the disclosure.
For more information on gaming, see: NRS 113.080


When obtaining an FHA-insured loan, this disclosure informs the buyer about the limits of the Federal Housing Administration appraisal inspection and suggests the buyer obtain a home inspection to evaluate the physical condition of the property prior to purchase. The form is entitled, “For Your Protection: Get a Home Inspection.”
For more information on FHA home inspections, visit:


The purpose of the Military Activities Disclosure is to make the purchaser of residential property aware of planned or anticipated military activity within the proximity of the property. Counties in which the military files Military Activities Plans include Clark County, Washoe County, Churchill County and Mineral County. For more information on military activities plans in these counties, contact the local municipal jurisdiction or the Public Information Officer of the Military Installation in your county.


In addition to the “Consent to Act” and the “Duties Owed by a Nevada Real Estate Licensee” forms (see pages 8 & 10), a real estate licensee is required to disclose other information such as his relationship to one or more parties in the transaction and/or having a personal interest in the property.
For more information regarding duties and disclosures owed by a
licensee, see: NRS 645.252-645.254, NAC 645.637 and NAC


The sale of residential property within a road maintenance district is prohibited unless the seller provides notice to the purchaser, including the amount of assessments for the last two years. If the district has been in existence for less than 2 years before notice is provided to the purchaser, then the amount of assessments shall be given for the period since the district was created.
For more information, see: NRS 320.130.

  • SOIL REPORT (New Construction Only)

If the property has not been occupied by the buyer more than 120 days before completion, the seller must give notice of any soil report prepared for the property or for the subdivision in which the property is located. The seller must provide such notice upon signing the sales agreement.

Upon receiving the notice, the buyer must submit a written request within 5 days for a copy of the actual report. The seller must provide a free report to the buyer within 5 days of receiving such request. Upon receiving the soil report, the buyer has 20 days to rescind the sales agreement. This rescission right may be waived, in writing, by the buyer.
For more information, see: NRS 113.135.

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